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Meet The Team

John Holzhüter

John Holzhüter founded the T.A.U. Institute in 2015. He currently serves as the University Chaplain for Ottawa University and leads the Fredrikson Center for Church and Faith Vitality. 

Keith and Sydney Shrimpton

Keith Shrimpton serves as the Chaplain's Assistant for the Fredrikson Center. Sydney Shrimpton volunteers in the media department. Both have a love for Jesus, the outdoors, and their two puppies.

Trish Dowd-Kelne

Trish Dowd-Kelne serves as the Winter Center Outreach. She specializes in youth, elderly, and community outreach. She also serves as the executive director for the Winter Center for Restorative Justice in Lawrence, Kansas.

Daniel Coppuck

Daniel serves as an assistant coach within the TAU Institute. His relaxed vibe and good sense of humor make him a wonderful target for jokes. 

Ryland Miller

Ryland Miller is a T.A.U. Assistant Coach. His upbeat personality inspires high school youth to find their place in the world. He enjoys soccer and hanging out with his friends.

Morgan Luttrell

Morgan Luttrell serves that T.A.U. Institute as an Assistant Coach. She also works part-time as the director of Family Ministry at FBC Stillwell.  Morgan is constantly an inspiration and has a huge heart for Jesus, Harry Potter, and her friends 

Jessa Greuter

Jessa is a soft-spoken, kind-spirited girl. She loves cheese, music, and Harry Potter and wants to be a high school English teacher. 

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